My next stop : Toptal

I have turned to freelancer for last 3 years now and I found it extremely interesting and profitable for me to grow as an entrepreneur. I have hunged around in craiglist, elance and odesk which is recently Upwork. I am doing good over there. Got lots of oppertunities and found growth as a team and an individual. I have got good leads from there and running business which has helped me get my basics right and create a good team to work on.

But now I want to move forward beyond Upwork or other freelancing portals. I want to grow as a company now, and I want to reach clients with more challenging jobs and more sophisticated software development oppertunities and ofcourse with better paying rate (though I am earning a good $25 / hr at an average from Upwork).

Also as I said I have a good team now, so my support Skill set has increased from Laravel to AngularJs, Nodejs to Ionic, MySQL to MongoDb. So I need a better platform to show my credibility.

After a lot of googling and talking with fellow players of the field who already has reached the next level I found toptal. I read the blogs, its working history and reviews from people of how they are being helped by the Toptal system.

Being interested, I feel it is a good ground for me to explore as it not only grow my network, it will help me find better oppertunities maching my skills and criteria. Hence I have applied to join the Toptal Web development network.

Now hoping for the best :)


About dmit

Hi I am Mithun Das, a seasoned professonal of Open Source Technologies with over 10 years experience in LAMP based technologies and frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Wordpress etc and last 3 years working with Node.js.

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